Monday, April 25, 2011

Orchis robusta, Queen S´Albufera of Mallorca

Awesome, magnificent, splendid, beautiful in its purest form. Thus define the Orchis robusta, because that is the strong impression he made me see for the first time in their natural environment, standing water and mud of the Albufera of Mallorca. In a vast green carpet of sedges, reeds and buttercups, here and raise their heads above the long inflorescences proud pink orchid meadow. Oscillate in unison with lakeside vegetation swaying in the wind from the northeast like flowers floating on the waves of a green sea. His vivid shines and attracts like a magnet to lovers of nature from around the world only to see her and give her queenly feet.

Orchis robusta with its beautiful pink flowers and long leaves growing on the mud with reeds. Double clicking on the picture is better appreciated its beauty.

Two orchid meadow about 60 cms in height growing along a channel of the Albufera.

Her large flowers and her great size differentiate it from the Orchis palustris. Both species bear a strong resemblance, so until recently orchidologist botanists saw it as a subspecies and gave the name of Orchis palustris subsp. robust. Worthwhile to expand the photo with a double click.

Orchis robusta long inflorescence whose exemplary exceeded 60 cm. high.

The Orchis robusta is a botanical rarity in Europe, as only live in the Albufera of Mallorca. The total number of copies is around 1200 feet. In the rest of the world can be found only in two localities in North Africa, Algeria and Morocco.

Impressive, right?. It is very difficult to understand the blindness and the absolute lack of sensitivity of some politicians, hoteliers and urban developers in Mallorca, unable to appreciate the treasure of this and other unique plants in the world. Its botanical and scientific importance is enormous, certified by top internationally renowned orchidologist, however, that should protect the contempt for them is nothing but a weed, a nuisance, vermin plant, an impediment to their business. If they were advised by professional real tourist would take into account the thousands of visitors who come to Mallorca just to see this orchid. Unfortunately his aides are not professionals and do not earn their pay and advise them bulldoze the habitat of the Orchis robusta, uprooting the few examples that barely survive surrounded by housing developments and hotels. Ecotourism is increasing in a world where nature in its purest state is increasingly scarce. Is a rising star. Be positive and trust that they open their eyes and be able to have vision. I would recommend dismissing his advisers.

While I made this picture to this pretty, two German couples lined up next to me to kneel before the queen of the Albufera and to pay homage. The photos that made him fly to his cold Germanic country jealously guarded as his best memory of Mallorca.

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